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So, you are leading a management team? And you wonder, what causes this team not to achieve its full potential? Or you observe that back-channel politics seem to thrive and team discussions easily become personal fights? Your high potential professionals seem not to perform at their best, and they tend to leave the organisation? You even wonder whether your management team has the right strategic diversity to deal with future organisational challenges?
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What we do

Three enabling resources to build resilient professionals and teams.

#1 Executive Coaching

  • The International Coach Federation ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. Evidence suggests that if the coaching process has been conducted effectively, competently and professionally, there is a reasonable expectation that the performance of the employee will improve.
  •  A process of coaching the whole team both together and apart, over a designated period of time to enable it to align on a common purpose, collaborate and learn across diversity, develop collective leadership, achieve performance objectives, effectively engage with their key stakeholder groups and jointly transform the wider business.

#2 Systemic Team Coaching

#3 International Partnerships

  1. In today’s world, collaboration is essential to meet the complex challenges that professionals, teams and organisations face.
    We partner with the Academy of Executive Coaching  (AoEC) to provide you with highly experienced coaches for every level of your organisation.
  2. Team performance is about getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats.
    With Human Insight  as our partner, we can scan the strategic diversity of your team and help you define whether the team is likely to be able to meet the challenges of your organisation at each of the stages of the growth process.
  3. Complex challenges are not easily addressed by linear, analytical problem-solving.
    Our partner, the Agile Strategy Lab  at Purdue University, developed the deep skills for designing and guiding complex collaboration by following a shared discipline of simple rules called Strategic Doing.

A major concern for senior executives is how to help their people develop as quickly as the organisation is developing and sometimes they forget to acknowledge what this means for their own development.
- Paul Van Geyt

A leader’s clarity of purpose, and his ability to connect the people in his organisation to that purpose, go a long way toward mobilising the necessary forces for change.
- Mary Beth O’Neill

Trust lies at the heart of a functioning, cohesive team. Without it, teamwork is all but impossible.
- Patrick Lencioni

A team should have no less challenge than the challenge that is there outside.
- Peter Hawkins

Change comes in little steps … and little change can have a big impact.
- Filip Fiers

Who we are

We are here to support you and to challenge you.

Paul Van Geyt Coaching Partners

Paul Van Geyt

Paul (°1958) is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) with +3000 hours of experience coaching leaders and high potential individuals, helping them to unlock their true potential and develop strong leadership skills. "Making a positive difference" is his mission statement. His coaching approach has a continuous focus on co-creating the relationship with his client in the service of the client and his/her objectives. This relationship is key for him as it serves as the learning instrument through which the client will achieve his/her objectives. Not only is he a patient and empathetic listener, but he also has a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of industries and is greatly valued for his analytical capacity.

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Filip Fiers

Filip (°1969) is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) with focus on individual and team development within a business context. His main goal is to make managers, and their teams collaborate and perform better in a fast moving, constantly changing environment. Clients use the following words to describe Filip’s style: “open, honest, pragmatic, approach can be put into practice immediately, no fluff around concepts, down to earth methodology, great reference framework that helps him to tailor interventions to specific needs, very flexible mode (on-the-go), in an authentic way and with a lot of enthusiasm”. For the last 10 years, Filip has been coaching clients across all levels of seniority in a variety of industries, including professional services, FMCG, banking, energy distribution and industrial manufacturing.

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Filip Fiers Coaching Partners

What Stakeholders Say About Us

My few coaching sessions with Paul this year were my first experience of coaching, and although I was way out of my comfort zone, he put me at ease straight away. He has a calm and personable approach, fostering open reflection and discussion and quickly builds trust. He is a great listener and very quickly gets to the essence of things. Through his questioning and observations, he helped me challenge myself and recognise my fears or “weaknesses” and then gently guided me to solutions or ideas to overcome them, all in the most unthreatening way! I have really benefited from the sessions and would highly recommend Paul as a coach.”

Shenley  Connolly,
Pilotlight UK
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“Paul is a result-oriented coach who understands our business challenges. His transparent approach and integrity are crucial ingredients to building the trust that is needed in a coaching context.”

Karolien Vanneste,
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I have known Paul for several years. As well as being a graduate of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) at advanced Level, coach and consultant, I have witnessed, first-hand how he, and Coaching Partners live and work with their values of trust, respect and integrity.  Paul has a focussed and deep understanding, at a strategic level, of the need for business-focussed outcomes combined with a clear understanding of people, and how potential can be unlocked to serve both individuals, teams and organisations to meet common goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and his team.”

Gina Lodge,
Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)
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